Smiling Pussy's 25 Commandments
1. Freesites: A minimum of 20 pictures is required. Minimum 2 pages, 10 pics per page.

2. TGP: A minimum of 12 Pictures. If TGP is Video, at least 2 minutes of Video

3. Sites must not be wider than 1000px, 800px wide is preferred, no horizontal scrolling please.

4. Freesites: I like my recip between at least 5 other recips.

5. TGP: Recip above or below content. Not hidden.

6. Full pictures may NOT open on .html pages, always link straight to the .jpg file.

7. No full page ads.

8. No illegal shit or your ass is banned for good!

9. Absolutely no consoles or popups!

10. Freesites: A link back is required, this link must appear ABOVE the Enter link on your page.

11. No misleading links like "Enter here" that lead to sponsors

12. A maximum of 3 links to sponsors or other sites per page

13. No sites on free hosts please

14. No links opening in a new browser window!

15. Pictures have to be at least 800 pixels on the long side

16. Freesites: Enter link has to be prominent. If it's to small You won't get listed

17. Freesites: Movie sites have to have at least 120 sec of movie. Minimum of 10 seconds per clip.

18. No ads to sponsors that look like clickable thumbs

19. Don't use pictures from 10 different sets, 1 or 2 sets max.

20. URL's have to end with .html or .htm, no funny codes like "page.shtml?3014738" in it please

21. Using the word "young" together with "boy" or "girl" will get you rejected

22. NO more of that shitty Eastern European "Mom vs. Boys" content will be listed

23. Keep your title and description ORIGINAL, no more "Sexy Teens" or "Hot Amateurs"!!

24. Please use a title on your first page

25. Keep your templates fresh, don't use the same template over and over again

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